First aid is a requirement under the HSE 1981 First Aid at Work regulations, do you know exactly what first aid training you need or first aid class you need to attend,  is your first aid assessment of need, suitable for your workplace, it can be a minefield to explore, however UK First aid and Safety Training are experts if first aid training and will be able to make the problem simple.

UK First Aid and Safety Training

Do you have a first aid course near me?

Yes, there will be a first aid course nearby we run first aid training at your own venue for one person upwards and have first aid classes in most parts of England. Have a look at our list of training, if not contact us for a first aid course near you. First aid training near me is guaranteed!


What first aid training and first aid courses do you offer?

UK First Aid and Safety Training off er a range of first aid classes, including emergency first aid at work, first aid at work, paediatric first aid, basic life support, sports coaches first aid, first aid for schools and more.

Our full list of courses can be found on our first aid training page, by clicking here.

Is UK First Aid and Safety Training, First Aid Course Regulated ?

All our first aid classes, first aid courses and first aid training is either fully accredited by Ofqual body or independent regulator. All workplace courses meet the HSE Selecting at Training Provider.


Are your First Aid Trainers Qualified?

Yes: most companies offering first aid training, will have the bare minimum qualifications that HSE accept, we at UK First Adi and Safety Training believe in being very qualified to make sure the customer receives the best first aid course experience available.

UK First Aid and Safety Training
UK First Aid and Safety Training

Do you offer online first aid training or first aid courses ?

Yes we offer some online first aid courses and first aid training however we believe face to face you learn more, you interact more and you get the best experience. We offer distance learning course for first aid at work course, you can do two days face to face and one distance learning.


With all this quality, you must be very expensive?

No we believe we great value for what you receive, based on St Johns Ambulance and Red Cross prices we are around 40% to 70% cheaper, offer the same great product with our industry experts.

We currently have special offers for first aid training Suffolk, first aid training, Essex, first aid training Norfolk, first aid training Cambridgeshire, first aid training London, contact tack our friendly customer services team for further details.

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